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Friday, August 12, 2011

Cutest Book - How Rocket Learned to Read

At the bookstore the other night with the kids after a dinner out with the family...  One of my favorite things to do is grab a couple of Children's books I have never read and give them a read.  I picked up this book called How Rocket Learned to Read.  The cover and the title grabbed my attention.  The doggy on the front is so cute sitting in the grass with a yellow bird on his nose.  Who could resist?  Plus any book about encouraging reading is always a plus in my world.  The inside proved to be as adorable as the front cover - for sure judge this book by it's cover.  Rocket is the dog and the yellow bird becomes his teacher.  In the story Rocket is hesitant about reading... doesn't want to do it and thinks it seems impossible.  With the help of the little yellow bird Rocket masters the alphabet, sounds out words, and finally . . . learns to read all on his own!  I imagine this book being read in a Kindergarten and First grade classroom where kids are learning to read.  Children will be able to make a text to self connection with the story.  Rocket is like a child first learning how to read.  It's really hard at first, but gets easier as he learns.  His teacher is there to help him and together they can do this!!!  Soon Rocket begins to understand that reading opens up a new world for him just as it will for all who learn to read.  This book should be on the shelf of every k-2 teachers shelf.  Teachers will love it and so will students. 

This would make a great gift too.   How Rocket Learned to Read and How Rocket Learned to Read Doll would make a great gift for any K-1 grader or a teacher who teaches in those grades!  Also, I imagine giving it to your son or daughter's teacher who has taught them how to read. 

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do you Playaway????

Do you have a display like this at your library???
My girlfriend, Nancy filled me in on these little gems about a year ago.  I was in love with them the minute the headphones hit my kids ears.  A Playaway is the simplest way to listen to an audiobook on the go. With the audio already contained within, and a battery to make it play, there’s nothing left to do but plug in earphones and enjoy. My local library is filled with some great Playaways.  Here is our latest rental for a long car trip...
Both my 8 and 5 year-olds love these.  Just give them some earphone, tell them to imagine the story in their heads as they listen, and they are content till the story ends.  Great for long car rides!!!  Check your local library and see if they have them, you will want to check them out!

Teaching Heart's Top 10 the benefits of listening to an audio book.

1. Improves listening skills
2. Helps improve story comprehension
3. Can spark a love of reading in low-interest readers
4. Aids in word pronunciation
5. Kids hear how words can come alive in an expressive way (when they read stories on their own this will help with fluency)
6. Develops a child’s imagination as they visualize the story
7. A pre-reading child can listen to the story over and over by themselves
8. Audio stories are affordable and portable
9. Great for car trips.

10. Gives mommy or daddy a break from reading a favorite book 100 times - snuggle up and listen with your child. 

Thanks Nancy for the tip! 

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Love me some Velcro and Laminating Paper

I love, love, love velcro and laminating paper.  I fell in love with velcro when I was teaching Special Education in a resource room and I had my assistant create 100's of file folder games. I thought instead of having the kiddos lay the answers on the correct spot, let's use velcro so that I can check their work when they are done and later remove the answers for another child's turn. Velcro makes independent centers so much more fun.   Thus you will find tons of it in my craft drawer...  never know when it will come in handy.

Laminating paper rocks too.  The Avery Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets, 9 x 12 Inches, Box of 50 (73601) are my faves for quick projects.  You have to laminate all things that kiddos will have their little hand on and sometimes you have used your allotted laminator machine time at school.  Time to turn to the self laminator paper!!  Everything last longer when laminated.

Here is a center I created with Velcro and laminating paper.  It is free for you to download and make as well.  Complete with a center sheet for your kiddos to complete, turn in, and for you to check over to make sure they got-it!

Storing in Zip-loc baggies is always an easy way to keep it together too.
Happy back to school, click here to download this file free

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Changes & Need a Design Service

Over the next few months (actually in the process of now) we will be moving this blog from blogger to where it belongs on www.teachingheart.net.  I am learning a great deal in the process thanks to my very helpful web hosting provider at www.arborhosting,com .  It still is quiet a process making sure all my feeds direct followers to the new wordpress site. 

QUESTION:  I am currently looking for a design service that uploads the design to the wordpress blog.  Any great design services out there from any bloggers???  


What Teachers Read the First Week of School (Part 2)

I believe one of the most important things about being a teacher and a parent  is helping your students have a life long love of reading/learning...   As Hardwick says...
 The little boy in the picture above must love to read, to do while shopping in the store with his mom - gotta love a walking reader.   ;)  
Looks like a good GOOSEBUMPS book! 

As a parent you can make sure you model what a good reader does.  TEAMCFA shares some awesome tips on how to foster a lifelong lover of reading.  All parents and teachers should read these tips by clicking here

Last week we shared some books from our Facebook page that teachers enjoy reading during the first few weeks back to school.  You can view those by clicking here.  Here are a few more ideas of great reads...

Here's on of my favorite Kevin H. books.  You can see a unit study on him found here at Teaching Heart.  It is complete with ideas and printables.

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I think that is an awesome way to help you get ready for Back To School. 

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Monday, August 8, 2011

You Know It's Back To School Time (PART 2)

It's getting closer or maybe you are already back at it!!!  The count down is on for most people.  I hope your summer was grand and your teacher battery got a good recharge!!!  Here is part 2 of the quotes for back to school time, make sure you check out part 1 here!!! 

Need back to school ideas?  Visit Teaching Heart's Back to School Page - click here!!! 

BACK TO SCHOOL DEAL - 35% off discount for all your Teaching Heart downloadable orders
when orders are placed
here at our downloading store on or Before August 9, 2011.
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I think that is an awesome way to help you get ready for Back To School. 

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

S is for Summer Salad

Mmmmm, I love a huge salad for dinner.  This one is a favorite one that goes great with grilled chicken or the Sangria and Basil Pizza that I made and shared.
Here is what you need:
Spring Salad Mix
Edamme - I cup (I buy it in a large bag in the frozen section)
Strawberries 1 1/2 cups
Red Onion - 1/3 cup chopped
2 cups of Emerald Glazed Pecans - Be careful these are soooo good, don't taste them while you make it or you will find your hand back in the bag.
1 cup of Feta cheese crumbled
(Mix the above together in a bowl)
Poppy Seed Dressing:  Make and set in refrigerator.  Add to salad and toss when ready to serve)
3/ 4 c. sugar
1 tbs brown sugar
1 tsp. dry mustard
1 tsp. salt
1/2 c. wine vinegar
1/3 c. EVO
1/3 c. of Greek Yogurt
1 tsp. poppy seed
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!!!! 

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