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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Free Lemonade Printable

Summer is all about a Lemonade Stand.  Kids love to play store.  What a great way to teach kids about making change or adding up a sale.

You can print out the sign you see on the Lemonade Stand of this picture.  Click here to download and print the banner!!!   Just cut and paste...  Ta-Da, you have a sign!!!

Read some stories about Lemonade; like, OLIVIA Opens a Lemonade Stand or Lemonade for Sale (MathStart 3) or Ruby's Lemonade Stand/Ruby's Rummage Sale/Ruby's Magic Act.  Watch the DVD Maggie and the Ferocious Beast - Lemonade Stand

Here are some great tips!  Here are a few more great tips!

10 tips for the coolest lemonade stand

Here is a coloring sheet to print and have your child color,

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Packet Sale!

Summer Sale!!!
Save 30% off Packet order

(Use code thsummer10) when ordering instant packets at http://www.teachingheart.net/primaryteachertimesaver.html

Sale ends July 5, 2010!!

Offer is only for instant downloadable packets.  Sale ends July 5, 2010! 

Get your packets before school starts.  Get them printed and ready for the year!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Moo... It's Monday!

Well, this week I had hoped to show me in my shirt.  But I am still not at the goal I need to be at to be in the shirt.  I am down a total of 23 pounds, but not 25!  Close but not yet!!!  Ugh!  However in the body fat department, I am almost normal healthy range!  You can learn more about body fat percentage hereAhhh, to be normal would be great!  I've lost a good amount of fat, just need to loose a little bit more to be considered normal.  Keep on moving forward...
I did meet the goal of 10 hours of exercise and my calories in were clean and where they needed to be...  I just had way too high expectations for this week.
Some links to preview!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Long Car Trips With Kids - No problem!

Long car trips are my specialty (or I should say my kids are really good at long car trips) because we do about three thirteen hour car trips a year. Plus we take "mini" four and six hour trips a few times a year. I thought I would share a few tips...

We travel to Vermont from Pittsburgh and that is probably our longest trip. Right now, we are getting ready to vacation in Maine. That will be a thirteen hour car trip. It's not so bad going, coming home is always the most difficult since we have already spent hours in the car getting there.

First step: Clean you car out three to four days before you leave. I like to start with a fresh clean car. That is just how I am. Vacuum, wipe everything down with a clorox wipe, spray the inside windows with windex, and get rid of junk.

Packing the Inside of the Car:

I pack the inside the car the night before we leave. My number one rule is to be ready to go when the kids get up. Funny story about our last trip. I always lay the kids clothes out the night before. This way I can dress my daughter and my son can dress himself when he wakes up. For this particular trip we would be stopping to visit friends we had not seen in a few years. I had laid out nice outfits the night before. So it is the AM of the trip, I wake up my son and tell him to get dressed, go potty, brush his teeth, and get in the car. While he is doing this I get my daughter dressed and put her in the car. We are all in the car. We stop about five hours down the road to visit friends. My son steps out of the car and is still in stained PJ's, no socks... but he has his tennis shoes on and he tells me, I did brush my teeth. Ummm. he brushed his teeth and went potty, but he forgot to get dressed and I never looked in the way back to seat to see if he was actually dressed. Moral of the story... don't assume anything with a six year old boy. Our friends probably weren't impressed with our dolled up daughter and neglected son... but hey, no one is perfect! It's hard waking up at 4:30 to be out the door at 5:00 AM....

One great packing tip: Pack things like towels, linens, beach towels in the BIG ZIP LOC baggies. You see mine here. One bag fits about six towels. It was great for keeping things organized and easy to get into the car. Plus they come with a large handle and are easy to carry. They are somewhat pricey. Still if you buy a box of six, you can resuse them trip after trip.

Another Packing Trip: I use one suitcase for my daughter and son. I group things in freezer size ziplocs... It makes it easy to find. Things like: Underware, hairbows, socks...

Beach Toy Packing Tip: They have these baskets at the dollar store. I think they are great for putting beach toys in. Sand comes out of them easily and you aren't bringing too much sand home from the beach with you.

Everything is packed in the car the night before...
In our cooler: fresh fruit in ziploc snack bags (grapes & blueberries), cheese sticks, juice boxes, milk, yogurt, and soda. All yummy things and healthy treats I don't mind my kids snacking on even if it is boredom snacking.

In our front seat basket; cooler, Clorox wipes (I bring these into rest areas to wipe the table we sit at), wipes (you will use these to wipe faces, wipe spills... pretty much priceless), kleenex, garbage bags, extra change for tolls, sunglasses for adults and kids, IPOD (loaded with playlists, and read along books), DVD's, Anti Bacterial Waterless Hand soap. Twizlers for when Mommy drives!

In The Backseat: I sit in the back with the kids. I am lucky to have a spacious mini van that allows me to do this. Everything I use for kids entertainment is ONLY used on trips. I pack it all away when we return home so that the next time we pull it out, it will be like new.

With my six year old - I stack his front pocket in the seat ahead of him with comics, a few new books, a handheld game (we saved these from years ago, some of them date back to the 80's... but he loves them), personal CD player loaded with 6-7 reads alongs, the books to match the read alongs on his personal CD player (this can keep him busy at least an hour), I-Spy Books, A trip-tic (which he loves and you can get at AAA for free if you are a member. If your child likes maps, this is the greatest trick for car trips)

Each child has a pillow, blanket, and one favorite stuffed friend.

For My three year old - I have a small box with a handle that is filled with car toys she only sees on trips. I pull them out as needed. The include:

Wikki Sticks, small color wonder books. manga doodle, kids clips player, mini princess cd player, little container with polly pockets, small stuffed animals (like the ones you get in happy meals), books that make noise, dry erase boards (not to the wise.. this gives my daughter hours of fun, but it does stain clothing and it hard to get off of little hands and legs).

Reminder - VERY IMPORTANT TIP - All these toys get put away after the trip. They only get pulled out again when we go on another trip. This way they are new and exciting to the kids.

I told you that we have a DVD player in the car, right? Well, believe it or not... on a 12 hour trip we have been known not to use it once. My kids seem happy enough with their boxes of stuff, music, books, and snacks to not need it many times. If we do use it, we hold out to at least six hours into a trip. Then we try to limit it to 3-4 hours max per long trip. We hardly ever use it on trips less than six hours. I have found a day of sitting in the car watching DVD's makes it hard for my kids to sleep when we get to our destination. I think their little brains may be on TV overload and they can't get the images to stop flashing in their little heads... I find this makes for a hard first night. The less TV time on the trip, better sleep that night!
Hopefully you picked up an idea or two to make your long car trip a bit easier. If you have other ideas, please feel free to share in the comments idea. I am always looking for new ideas for long trips.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just a RANDOM thought...

One of my Facebook Friends posed this question as her status:
"I have to remind myself that it's ok not to like everyone, and it's ok to decide who's in my world and who's not. It's ok, right?"
I loved the reply back and had to share...

I read somewhere... All the people around you are the mirrors of God sent to teach you something about yourself even if you do not connect with them or dislike them they fill a purpose in your life or perhaps God put you here to help them on their path. I don't think it is humanly possible to like everyone we meet... But it helps me to think that they have purpose in our lives.

I think sometimes women are often too quick to make judgements of others.  Stopping and thinking that each person serves a great purpose from God helps me get through the days where some people may just get on my nerves. 

So how do you deal with people in your lives that get on your last nerve???  Do you push them off the bridge of your life or do you give them a little life jacket and help them float???


Monday, June 21, 2010

Moo... It's Monday!

Loving the summer weather!  Kids are home and our first week off is already over.  It's going to go fast! 
Diet: This week was really hard for me...  started out good, writing it down and then blew it over the weekend.  Had too much wine with old friends and Father's Day brunch with French Toast did me in.  I was bad and I am going to beat myself this week to get down before weigh in on Saturday.  It's my biggest loser week.  Hopefully I won't be too cranky. 
Here's my healthiest yummiest dinner this week...  Kabobs on the grill with fresh veggies.  Nothing beats summer grilling.  Check out my new cup filled with water and fresh squeezed lemon and a dash of Stevia!  My girlfriend gifted me this cup and it is helping me get those clean liquids in (Thanks!).  Do you drink enough water?  Click here and use this free water calculator to find out!  Also check out the health benefits of lemon water!
Also, wanted to share these apple sauce squeeze packs I first saw at Starbucks.  Completely clean and all organic...  My kids love them and I think they are great and a fabulous idea I wish I had thought of...  But.... LOOK at the killer price (4.19)  at over a dollar each with only four in a pack.  Come on, why do foods that are good for us cost more?  If you do want to try them, go get one at Satrbucks to try.  If you look for them at the store they were in a weird area of my local store...  the candy section???  
Here's a deal, you can get 48 for under 30.00 on Amazon.  If you like these, this is the way to go for the better deal. 
Exercise:  I missed my boot camp this week.  I am good at getting Cardio in on my own, but boot camp mixes things up and gives me cardio and strength training.  So this is what my week looked like.
Monday - Quick 2 mile run in the hood.
Tuesday - Gym to run 4 miles.
Wed. - Ran three miles
Thurs. - I swam a little...  like half a lap!  LOL!
Fri - Went to a spinning class and my parts are still hurting.  It was a great workout though! 
Sat. - Run
Sunday - Run three miles
This week I am shooting for at least 10 hours of active exercise time.  I have four hours covered with boot camp...  Just need to fit in 9 more in to hit my goal!
Plan For This Week:  1.) Write it all down.  2.) Keep calories in low but not too low 3.) boot camp 4x this week plus get some sort of exercise in each day besides boot camp!  Hoping to log over 10 hours of exercise this week.  I will let you know how that goes!  Hoping I can put that running shirt on I told you about in a previous post by next week.  It will be a hard week.  UGH!
Need Some Inspiration???  I love reading posts from other weight loss victories.  Check out Amanda's post here with before and after pictures!  I laughed when I saw this graphic she had on her post.  Gotta love Dr. Phil. 
Thanks for reading if you made it this far!  I wish you a healthy week filled with clean foods and good exercise! 

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Father's Day Ideas & Free Printable!

Have your kiddos make Father's Day Trail Mix to stick in Daddy's Golf Bag!!!
Click here for the free printable to attach to the mix!

Here is a fun idea we did for Daddy's Birthday!

My friend Rebecca posted a cute shirt idea here!

Check out the cute Tie Theme here complete with Tie Pancakes!
Click Here for More Father's Day Fun! 

Now go love a  Daddy!!!


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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We all scream for ice cream!

The End of The School Year went out with a scream for some cream!!!   It was fun turning our garage into an ice cream shop.  It reminded me of the old days working at Baskin Robbins!  I loved scooping 31 flavors and I loved planning this party for my neighborhood.  I did a similar party when I taught special education, so I used some of the supplies from that and added a few. 
The stage was set and a garage was turned into a Sundae parlor!

I love using a plastic table cloth as a back drop.  Also great for hiding bikes and junk that are typical of a garage.

The centerpiece created with marshmallow tubes found at the Dollar Store!  I thought it was cute...

Of course there were toppings galore!

A craft to keep the kids busy...  Decorate a Soda Jerk hat and then get a ticket for a chance to win a fun summer bucket of goodies (summer stuff from the dollar store and sily bracelets).   The kids of all ages loved this.  Some wanted to make more than one hat. 

Here come the kids, grab the silly string and shoot them as they get off the bus and then let them shoot each other!  Then have some ice cream!

Teachers, need more ideas?  Click here!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

I HEART Second Graders!!!

I cannot believe it...  about 8 years ago I was teaching the best group of second graders....  Now I have one!!!  I have taught many a grade from k to 3 and second graders were always my favorite.  They still love school, they are still cute and innocent, and they think their teachers and parents are still cool! 

So today marks the last day of first grade for my son.  He looked huge today!  He has grown a ton since the first day.  I really cannot believe it!  This was a great year both academically and socially for him.  He has come a long way!!! 

Here is some of the fun going on here... 

End of Year Gift for his teacher.  Did something similar last year.  If you click here you can see that!  My girlfriend Rebecca is a great girl who makes beautiful jewelery.  After a few years of shopping with her she knows me to a "T"!  I tell her a color and she comes up with something that amazes me.  I love this bracelet...  I wanted to keep it, but I let it go out the door this am.  Check out Rebecca's store online!

I did a T-shirt last year.  You can see that here.  I wonder how many more years he will let me make him one.  It is a fun way to thank his teacher.  Last year he said that the teacher took him to the principal to show her the shirt. 

I am in to making these little stick your face in signs.  I did one for the kids at the bus stop this year.  The school mascot is Buzzer the Bee!  The kids had fun with this. 

Also made one for Relay for Life!

  Hope you have a wonderful summer!!!!
Check out our Teacher Appreciation Packet at

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Starts on Tuesday!!!

My summer officially starts on Tuesday!  The last day of school in these parts is Monday.  Then the kids hop off the bus, we squirt them with silly string, they head over to the End of the Year Sundae shop and the first summer fun event begins.  I hope to post more details about the ice cream party later.  I am deep into creating a fun event for my neighborhood and hopefully I will get some good pictures of the fun things we do at our Ice Cream party!

I have so many grand plans for the summer.  I don't want to spend too much time at home.  There are old and new parks to visit.  Old friends to play with and so many fun things to do.  I can hardly sit still thinking about all we need to fit in between bible camp, princess dance camp, library classes, and soccer camp.  Will there be enough time?   Luckily, nap time is not part of the days agenda anymore... so we have to fit it in!!  I will be tired and ready for school when August rolls around...  My kids will be begging to go back just to get a rest from their crazy mom who just can't imagine waisting the summer at home. 

I have a few more days to get a few things in place before the summer race of fun begins...  Library books are selected, End of Year Neighborhood party is pretty much planned, and my garage is stacked with summer fun toys.  Still, I have to work on a chore/responsibility summer fun money type of chart for my son.  That is the one thing I have procrastinated on...  but I did a search and liked these a bunch!! 

DIY Magnetic Chore Chart!

Chore Charts and Pocket Money

Chore Chart

This is probably most what I am looking for...
Chore Chart and Kids Bucks

Aren't they grand... now  to tweak and twist and make these into what I am looking for....  I will share my magical creation later...  stay tuned!!!  My son told me today:  "I can't wait till you show me the plan and chart for how I am raising money this summer.  You have it done, right?"  Me:  "Of course, I will show you on Tuesday..."  UGH!!!!!!! 

Check out these links to get your summer off rolling right!

Is your Summer Junk Organized?

Outside Toys - Some ideas!
Play and Learn at the Park!

Look at what you can do with Sidewalk Chalk!!!

Beach Balls are more than just Balls!

I hope you have a wonderful start to your summer!

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Moo... It's Monday!

Another week gone by!  Hope your week was great.  I am officially back on track, I do believe.  There are always bumps in the track, we just have to fix them and get our butts back on that track.  I am not in any hurry to get the numbers down on the scale.  Yes, I wish it was easier and quicker.  But it isn't! So plugging along.

Diet: Ate well this week.  Added some more calories to my diet and I lost a pound this week!  Sometimes I eat way less than I should.  If I don't write down what I eat, then often I think I may have eaten too much and will skip dinner.  I am trying not to do that and to write it all down again.  That is the key...  writing it down. 

This article (Why Calories are King) has some good advice.  Here is a quote from it:
"2. Suppose someone has cut calories, but still hits a plateau. Is it possible that she may need to eat more calories to lose weight?

It’s possible. If you’re not eating enough, your body sort of panics and goes into what’s known as starvation mode, slowing down your metabolism and fat-burning processes. If it’s being starved of calories, it has to hold onto all of the energy stores and calories that it can. Think of your body as a furnace. If there’s not enough fuel, the fire just simmers for a long time without really burning hot. If you’re not eating enough calories to match your activity level, your body just simmers and no real progress is being made. The danger is that people react to this type of plateau by eating even less, which of course just makes the problem worse and harder to recover from. It’s a horrible cycle that can lead to real problems."

Also check out, I just started exercising, why am I gaining weight?

Exercise:  Still going strong.  Three days of boot camp and lots of running.  I ran a 5K this weekend.  I wanted to be under 30 minutes and I didn't do it.  I had a time of 30:04.  Stupid five seconds.  I pushed myself at the end.  I was neck and neck with a girl who was about 27.  As we were about five - ten seconds away from crossing, she passed me.  I pushed it and passed her up to finish before her.  I hate to be mean, but she bent over at the end and got a little sick...  I kinda felt good that she was younger and about 50 pounds lighter than I am was a little sick at the end.  So I gave it my all and know I need  to work  on getting my 5K under 30 still.  Here's something funny...  I came in first place in this race for my age group... females 30-39.  Now second place was six minutes behind me and I later learned that there were only a total of 10 ladies in my age group.  Most of the women that ran this race were in their 20's.  So my first running trophy sits on my dresser.  LOL!  My hubby ran this race in 22:00 minutes...  Yeah, him... but no trophy!  :(  Mostly fast men in this race since it is his work race and mostly men work at his place of employment. 

Well, hope you have a great week!

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