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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bowling Birthday Cake

Z went to a party this weekend. It was a bowling party. I thought the cake was very creative. Made with cupcakes... a bowling pin and a bowling ball (a perfect 10). Leslie did a great job on the cake. I had to share it!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Started Running...

I started running a few months ago. I have about 50lbs of baby weight to loose. Well, I have had this weight for about 6 years (another story). With the help of couch potato to 5K (and my membership to a gym w/childcare) I am finally able to run 5k / 3 miles straight!!! This is a huge accomplishment for me. You think since I went from coach potato to runner I would have lost at least 10lbs... NOPE, not a pound. I guess I am realizing that exercise does not mean I can still eat like a pig!!! Yes, I feel more toned and energized. I don't think I have ever made exercising a priority in my life till now - so that is a good thing. I just need to get the diet down (that is another blog story). Anyhow, I am a little bored with my playlist for running right now. On the right you will see my current play list.
I need some new upbeat songs... what is on your running playlist?

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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Kissing Hand and Other Back To School Books

I am a huge fan of Children's Literature. One thing I never pass up buying is a Children's book. If my kids ask for a book, they usually get it. We have baskets of books everywhere in my house and a shelf of children's books in most rooms. I admit that I am somewhat obsessed!

When my little man was 18 months and we moved him into a big boy bed, we read him children's books related to this transition...

When we started potty training, we read him books on the topic. Similarly we are doing this with my daughter now.

When he was going to have a baby sister we read him books on becoming a big brother.

This is one parenting tricks that works for us... It seems to make conversation about given topics flow easier. Children are visual and children's literature provides the visual as well as easy to understand words. Soooo..... here we go again! We have been reading many back to school books at my house. My son is going to Kindergarten this year and I have pulled out all my First Day of School Books from when I taught. He is having a blast hearing these stories. Books make transitions so much easier. If your child is on his or her way to Kindergarten, you have to read The Kissing Hand. First read it to yourself (get the tears out) and later read it to your little Racoon. It is wonderful! You can hear & see it read here:

For many other back to school books:

Above is the
book with the Read Along CD!

It has such a great song on it about the
Kissing Hand!

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ode To Disney World

We headed to Disney the happiest place on Earth.
Mommy and Daddy had been there a few times since their births.
They even had the chance to visit twice together.
This trip however was much much better!
Better because we had the chance to share one of our favorite places with you.
Zachary was excited as ever and Caitlin was too.
From Main Street to the castle, oh what fun.Rides and splashing and fun in the sunMickey and Minnie and all their palsPooh and friends and the Playhouse Disney guys and galsDumbo and a Small World was our first Disney treat!
Still Zachary felt Space Mountain was really neat!!!!
Thunder Mountain roller coaster and the famous Peter Pan.
Then of course there was the Pirates of the Caribbean!
How could we forget Animal Kingdom and Mt. Everest
Zachary conquered the Expedition twice and thought the Yeti made it quite the quest.
Hollywood Studios was our next stop.
Caitlin wished she could stay in a Bug’s Life Play area till it was time to drop!
Zachary & Caitlin loved eating in Cars and watching old movies at the Sci Fi Diner
To them, no dinner could have been finer!
Sadly Epcot would be our last park
Zachary got to go their twice and once in the dark.
We got to meet Donald Duck
O-what luck!
Like Cinderella, our fun would need to end.
So we left with our hearts needing a mend.
In the All Star Disney bus we ventured out
Knowing all our dreams came true without a doubt.


Rosemond -My Parenting Mentor

So a friend of mine a few years ago introduced me to John Rosemond. I thought I would share with those who read this blog. If you are looking for some great parenting advice, jump into a Rosemond book. My book club even read the book, BECAUSE I SAID SO as one of our monthly reads. I created a game to play at the book club meeting and it can be downloaded at:

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Love It - IPOD for your Kiddos

Thought I would share something I love:
If you allow your younger kiddos (ages 2 - 10) to use your IPOD, this is the case you need to keep it safe! We got one recently because we allow our five year old son to watch downloaded shows on it when we are flying or if we are out to eat. Also, our two year old uses it too for the same reasons. Basically one of our take-along babysitters we use in those Mommy and Daddy need a break times!!! The material of the TADPOLE is sturdy and our video IPOD fits right in. The handles on the side are the perfect fit for little hands. It is easy for them to hold and watch a show without accidentally dropping the IPOD. The earphones worked well with our 2 year old, but our five year old prefers the earpods. The IPOD has been a wonderful helper when we are out to eat with the kids and want to stay a little longer than they do. Placing the IPOD in the TADPOLE has made it even better. It's great to know the IPOD is safe from kiddo accidents. Great buy + Amazon has it at a lower price than most other sites!

For Tips on Using Your IPOD in education, try:

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Sand Recipe

Summer Fun Recipe:

2 (20 oz.) pkgs. GOLDEN Oreo cookies1/2 stick butter1 (8 oz.) cream cheese1 c. powdered sugar3 1/2 c. milk2 sm. French vanilla instant pudding boxes1 (12 oz.) Cool Whip

Cream the butter, cream cheese and powdered sugar together. Mix pudding together with the milk, add the Cool Whip to pudding mixture. Then blend in with the cream cheese mixture.
Crumble the Oreo's in a blender, leave the cream in the Oreo's. Use a sand pail to fill with your yummy treat. Alternating cookie crumbs and filling, ending with the cookie crumbs on top. Top with a sand shovel for serving.

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