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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Kissing Hand and Other Back To School Books

I am a huge fan of Children's Literature. One thing I never pass up buying is a Children's book. If my kids ask for a book, they usually get it. We have baskets of books everywhere in my house and a shelf of children's books in most rooms. I admit that I am somewhat obsessed!

When my little man was 18 months and we moved him into a big boy bed, we read him children's books related to this transition...

When we started potty training, we read him books on the topic. Similarly we are doing this with my daughter now.

When he was going to have a baby sister we read him books on becoming a big brother.

This is one parenting tricks that works for us... It seems to make conversation about given topics flow easier. Children are visual and children's literature provides the visual as well as easy to understand words. Soooo..... here we go again! We have been reading many back to school books at my house. My son is going to Kindergarten this year and I have pulled out all my First Day of School Books from when I taught. He is having a blast hearing these stories. Books make transitions so much easier. If your child is on his or her way to Kindergarten, you have to read The Kissing Hand. First read it to yourself (get the tears out) and later read it to your little Racoon. It is wonderful! You can hear & see it read here:

For many other back to school books:

Above is the
book with the Read Along CD!

It has such a great song on it about the
Kissing Hand!

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Blogger clc said...

Since blogging is fairly new to me, this week! I have tons more information from your blogging site. I found "The Kissing Hand" on your .net website two years ago and have now made it a first week routine in my room. I love this book and have so many other beginning the school year books. I love books and this is one way to hook the students the first week. This is even better reading your thoughts and ideas ---- for each book that is a favorite of yours!

August 14, 2009 at 10:50 AM  
Blogger Tina said...

I love this book. I always read it to my second graders the first day of school. Some students still have a hard time leaving their parents and coming into the room. After I read the book I always tell my students about my first day of kindergarten (I still remember).
I would not let go of my moms leg and cried all the way to the classroom. I did see a girl I knew from preschool and she asked me if I wanted to play house with her. I let of my mom and walked off!!
We always trace our hands and put a heart in it to give to parents so they would miss us when we are at school.
Tina Parent

August 14, 2009 at 12:55 PM  

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