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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Catholic Easter Bingo Printable For Grades 2-4

My CCD (Faith Formation) third grade class just finished their Resurrection Eggs File Folder books this past Sunday.  You can read about those here and print the files needed to make them. 

This week we will use the finished folders to retell the story to a partner and then a few volunteers will present their stories to the class.  After that we will play an Easter Bingo game.  The game uses the symbols used in the Resurrection Eggs as well as a few vocabulary words that are related to the Easter Season and are found in our third grade curriculum.  We will be using M&M's as markers. 

You need:
 1.) M&M's for each player
2.) Bingo Cards (Click Here) There are 20 different cards.  Use the number you need.
3.) Calling Cards (click here)

To play:  Draw a card and read the definition about the vocabulary word or picture.  Student finds the word or picture that matches your statement.  Place the card in the discard area and repeat until someone yells BINGO!!!  First person to get four in  row, wins!!!!

You do not need a class to play this.  We played it as a family and it was a great Lent activity.  I hope you enjoy it!! 


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Blogger Melissa from MN said...

What a fun game I can bring to our Easter family gathering. Thank you!

April 19, 2011 at 10:26 AM  

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