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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge Giveaway....

Have you ever been to the Great Wolf Lodge? Everyone who I know that has been there has loved it! I never hear a bad word about the place... I know my family would love it there. My son missed out on the last few weeks of summer swimming due to an arm in a cast, it would be so great to get some swimming in this winter. (Do I get a pitty entry -- just kidding!) Plus, lately my son is into Magic and the Great Wolf Lodge has a Magi Quest that looks so awesome. I have been trying to convince my hubby to go there with the kids... so far he isn't game... but if it was FREE because I won this great giveaway at a Piece of Me, then he would have to go! I really want to win. My friend, Jill just shared this with me. That was extra nice of her considering I entered all the ways I could! Plus I found a new fun blog to add to my reading list. You should check out of Piece of Me!



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