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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Dog is Blind...

A picture of our 9+ year old Lab Mix at our last trip to Vermont.  She has loved the snow since she was a baby and still does... 
"Your dog is blind, she maybe has about 5% sight in one eye." - The Vet told us this and we couldn't understand it...  She gets around our house fine, she can even jump up on the beds...  She barks when someone walks a dog by our house.  She still takes a good walk on a leash.  Yes, she bumps into a few odds and ends, but she is just getting old, right? 

When we took her on our trip to Vermont last week we realized she is in fact blind and relies on her smelling and hearing to get around.  She was a mess when we got to our destination.  At one point we had to carry all 55 pounds of her around the house because she was bumping into everything.  She just wanted to sit in one place and not move...  It's amazing that she does so well at home and has her environment memorized.  It's just sad to know that our family dog is getting old and someday won't be here.  When we first got her years ago at the New Jersey shelter she was a crazy dog that had been returned to the Shelter two times by previous adopters.  They couldn't handle her energy or the fact that she was a Houdini Dog of sorts...  she could escape any crate, even ones you bungee jumped shut.  When our first baby came along she suddenly seemed to mature and even took first place in her doggie training class.  She loves our kids... Our kids love her and she has proved to be the greatest pet to have around young children.  Sometimes I forget to be thankful for her and just wanted to give a shout out about my furry child. 

 Hug your doggy today! 



Blogger Nancy B said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Belle. I'm glad she does well at home. Pets are family!

December 30, 2010 at 8:41 AM  

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